Christmas parties… Love them or hate them, they are an inescapable tradition of workplaces across the globe.

From dodgy karaoke to ill-fated romances, the anticipation keeps us motivated throughout the run-up to Christmas, and the embarrassing photos and stories of shame keep us entertained all through January.

But, this year, the global pandemic has sadly stretched into its ninth month, and we are facing a Christmas like no other. The traditional Christmas party is a no go and has been replaced by the virtual Christmas party.

Some will be delighted and can cross ‘think of an excuse to get out…

Birthdays! Love them or hate them, they keep on coming.

Though in these uncertain times, their regularity and predictability are comforting, even if celebrations might be looking a little different these days.

We’re sure you celebrate these important life milestones at home, but what about work?

Birthdays at work… Are they a good excuse to have some fun or an unprofessional distraction?

Time to celebrate the small things

We all need a bit of joy these days, and recently we’ve been finding pleasure in the small things; celebrating any and all milestones, no matter how insignificant they may appear.

Birthdays might not seem like a big…

The term ‘ employee turnover ‘ refers to the number of people who leave an organisation, to be replaced by new staff, over a period of time.

While of course, it’s good to inject new life and get a fresh perspective from new recruits, there’s a balance to be struck.

A high employee turnover should set alarm bells ringing for both employees and employers alike, as it suggests that something about the company, the work environment, or the staff, is making people want to leave. …

With the gradual easing of COVID restrictions, businesses around the world are helping their employees return to work safely. Something to celebrate after months of lockdown and uncertainty.

However, this step brings new challenges for employers. A raft of important but complicated practical safety measures to implement in the workplace. And more than ever before, an even greater need to consider, and prioritise, the physical and mental wellbeing of their staff.

So what can be done? We asked 30 small businesses to share what they were doing to ensure the safe return of their employees to the workplace.

Photo by Luca Bravo on Unsplash

In the modern world, working patterns are changing.

Information technology has resulted in new and evolving ways of working, of managing teams, and running a company. Fewer and fewer of us are working traditional ‘9 to 5’ hours, and companies have had to adapt to become more attractive and progressive employers for the 21st century.

With people working irregular hours, there may be times when your employees need to work additional hours or days. While there is no legal requirement to pay for additional time worked over and above what is contracted (provided the minimum wage is met), unpaid overtime…

For your average small business, unlimited time off just isn’t realistic. Here is an alternative…

Photo by Jessica Rockowitz on Unsplash

If you’ve ever worried about people taking time off work, you’re missing the point.

You should be more worried about people not taking time off.

There is a lot of media buzz around the concept of an unlimited time off policy — sounds amazing (to employees, at least), but in reality, this is a luxury enjoyed by big tech and media companies turning over billions each year.

For your average small business, unlimited time off just isn’t affordable, nor realistic.

But the underlying principle of striving to have rested employees who feel valued and not afraid…

Photo by Jazmin Quaynor on Unsplash

An employee scheduling software is a solution that assists managers in overseeing the work hours of their labour force.

It has various features that allow the automated creation of schedules as well as notifications for schedule changes. The more powerful ones even include time in/time out capabilities and payroll integration.

Innovative companies throughout the globe use these tools not just to make sure there are people to cover every business hour but also to reap other benefits.

What could these benefits be?

Among those is timely project completion, better employee time management, reduced absences, and more.

Excited to learn more…

Photo by Marius Ciocirlan on Unsplash

If you can’t manage people, you can’t manage.

Life as a manager is challenging, and what works in one team, or with one individual, rarely applies to all.

The key to managing well is understanding people.

You need to know what makes them tick, what motivates them, and when and how they’re at their most productive.

That’s often easier said than done.

You also can’t neglect your own motivations and development, as career progression doesn’t stop when you reach that coveted management role.

To help you get to grips to the tricky world of management, and to be the best…

Focus is the key to achieving your goals

Do you find yourself trying to work on many different priorities and struggling to make progress?

If you do, then you are acting like a fox rather than a hedgehog.

Ever heard of the Hedgehog Concept?

Let me explain.

Around 650 BC, the Greek poet Archilochus wrote: “The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing”.

The story tells of a fox who wanted to catch a hedgehog. He tried various approaches, but every time he ended up getting his nose pricked by the spines of the hedgehog.

The fox is an analogy of those of us who try to pursue too many interests at the same time yet achieve little.

The hedgehog…

To help you achieve your goals and thrive at work

I just love a good meeting.

There’s no more exhilarating, energising, and exciting way to start the day or week — am I right?!

Okay, I can sense your eyes rolling.

Love them or hate them, meetings are a big part of office life, and you’ve probably attended your fair share of bad ones.

The millennial era has seen all manner of quirky and progressive ideas to revamp the workplace, and the traditional boardroom meeting has been subject to much derision. …

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